A project that resists being made into a project.

Resistance as the need to re-position. 

daniel llaría gaspar

Born in Logroño in 1985, he has studied in Bilbao, London, Berlin and Madrid. He studied many sculpture but also produces works in video, collage, painting and music.

He has played in bands such as Baba Llaga, Anorexia Mental and Musta Props.

He did a one-man show within the Next programme at the Montehermoso Cultural Centre (Think locally fuck globally, 2009) and at the Egia Culture Centre (Pretty, 2014). He has also taken part in collective exhibitions such as Antes que todo (2010, CA2M), Pop Politics (CA2M, 2012) and First thought best (Artium, 2014).

His work has developed thanks to the financial support of the Basque Government, an Injuve award, a grant from the Professionalisation of Rioja-based Artists programme, a scholarship from the 'Caixa' and a grant from the eremuak programme.

Currently, he lives in Bilbao, although he will shortly set out for the United States on a Fulbright scholarship.