These seminars are established as a space for reflection on important questions associated with artistic practice such as "publish", "produce" and "programme". In turn, the seminars will set out to draw attention to a number of projects and initiatives that have been put forward in the last two eremuak programmes.

uma certa falta de coêrencia

programme, publish, produce II

23 June 2015

Talk by the artists André Sousa and Mauro Cerqueira, within the framework of the programme part of the eremuak "programme, publish, produce" sessions taking place on 22, 23 and 24 June 2015 in BilbaoArte.

"Uma Certa Falta de Coerência" is an exhibition space in Porto directed by the artists André Sousa and Mauro Cerqueira. It takes its name from the title of a book by the artist Jimmie Durham (A Certain Lack of Coherence), which contains a text carrying the heading: “Artists must begin helping themselves”