• eremuak#6

    Accompanying the eremuak International Talks at Azkuna Zentroa in October 2019 is this issue of our magazine,which brings together contributions on attitudes,works and discourses in the local and international art context ...

  • the porous stone

    Artist's notebook by Iratxe Jaio.

  • José Ramón Ais-en estudioa Art Omi 2019-n | Argazkilaria: José Ramón Ais
    June 18 - July 14

    Open call until the 30 November 2019...

eremuak is a space set up to implement the context of artistic practices in the Basque Country. eremuak's main aim is to create a platform for artists and designers and foster an atmosphere of debate and understanding with regard to public policies for art.