(1980 San Sebastián
). When she was eight years old, Beatriz dreamt of being a hairdresser or a business-woman.
 Finally, she studied art at the Fine Arts Faculty in Bilbao and L’École des Arts Décoratifs in Strasberg. She took part in the contemporary dance workshop of the University of the Basque Country Idoia Zabaleta.
 Later she trained in contemporary dance and performance through a number of different meetings, workshops and courses...


bombón coreográfico

Bombón coreográfico is the title of a performing arts piece.
During the process we develop three activities: do a watercolour, write a text and write a dance.
The three are interrelated, refer to each other in their meaning, in their quality, in what they suggest and in what is perceived.
It is a project in which the general work premise was to "do it with pleasure", among all the possible types of pleasure, the one that arises during this work, the one that has something to do with gentleness, with happiness, with “take me for however long you need” and even more, sometimes also with melancholy. With these things and others yet to come.