Room CAC2 (Centre of Complementary Activities 2)
Pza. Arriquibar, 4
48010 Bilbao

eremuak conference 2017. Azkuna Zentroa: Room CAC2 (Centre of Complementary Activities 2).

Whether as mere observers or active participants, for some time we’ve been swept along by currents which give education centre stage in contemporary art...

eremuak conference programme 2017

October 4, 2017 - October 6, 2017

You can download the PDF of the programme here.

Wednesday 4th October

15:45 Presentation of the sessions 
16:00 Irit Rogoff: For the Exhausted Viewer of Research
17:00 Txomin Badiola: Art, education, love of art
18:00 Round of questions
19:00-20:15 Bulegoa z/b Consonni
20:15 Questions

Thursday 5th October

11:00 Capacete (Helmut Batista)
12:00 Jon Mikel Euba: It’s good in here. let’s get out!
13:00 Round of questions

16:30 Mugatxoan
17:15 Questions
17:30 L'Atelier de L'Observatoire (Mohamed Fariji)
18:15 Questions
18:30 Break
19:00-20:30 Cine-forum: Oliver laxe. Todos vós sodes capitáns (You all are captains) (1h 20min)

Friday 6th October

11:00 Laurence Rassel: Learning to swim
12:00 Ángel Bados: Beyond meaning
13:00 Round of questions

Moderators: Peio Aguirre y Julia Morandeira