listening to the rocks: lower geowalk

Barrubarren or barrene is the name of a handball game which is called different things depending on where it is played...

listening to the rocks: lower geowalk

July 6, 2019

In this more energetic walk, we will find ourselves in the geological feature of Murumendi, where the ancient strata of the Lower Cretaceous have been pushed over the younger strata of the Upper Cretaceous. We will go snorkelling among reefs and contemplate ancient and modern landscapes. It is walk full of variety among mountains, meadows and forests and through the most unique corners of Beasain.

Medium difficulty walk of approximately 7 km along uneven paths. Not suitable for people with mobility problems.

Length: 3 and a half hours.

Date and time: Saturday 6 July at 9:30 am.

Place: Arriaran dam. We will drive to the hill of Larrarte, which is where the excursion will start.

photographic summary
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