foto de la propuesta Infiltraciones de José Otero

Miranda de Ebro, 1968. Artist and teacher. I’m interested in exploring the relationships between language, body and image through performances in different spaces. I've worked for several years on the idea of landscape, drawing on walking as a means of projection and intervention. I’m currently looking at education as a field of artistic experimentation.

In 2009 I ran a group project on the memory of the town of Salinas de Añana in the province of Álava titled Oroimena irudikatuz, and in 2013 (as part of the Azalerak programme in the creation space Azala) I jointly produced the Camino a Cuevalobos (Route to Cuevalobos) audioguide with Anne Laure Boyer, Cecilia Pérez-Pradal and Álvaro Nebreda.  I held my first solo exhibition, titled Microacciones periféricas (Peripheral Microactions), in the JosédelaFuente gallery (Santander, 2014), and I took part in the collective exhibition El Rumor de la montaña (The Rumour of the Mountain) (Malaga, 2015) and in the research project La colonización interior (Interior Colonisation) by Abelardo G. Fournier (Matadero Madrid, El Ranchito, 2015)


Infiltraciones proiektuaren irudia. Egilea: José Otero
June 15, 2017


Infiltraciones (Infiltrations) is a research and teaching project in the Dolores Ibarruri secondary school in Abanto Zierbena (Biscay), run through the subjects ‘Games’ and ‘Mobilisation and Galvanisation of Groups’ in the Physical Education Department. Infiltraciones starts by asking to what extent we can introduce performance research and ‘performance studies’ within secondary school physical education, and specifically as part of the higher diploma in physical education (mid-level professional training). Can the physical education teacher also embody the role of performer and researcher?

The project offers a qualitative change in perspective on body movement to a group of physical education students and aims to extend the physiological and biomechanical efficiency of sporting movement to include poetic movement, as well as developing creativity through physical movement in different spaces.

The first phase draws on my ambition to bring art closer to life. I've learned about and delved deeper into the theory and practice of different concepts that I've been using to weave a research framework.

I have absorbed the designs set out by Richard Schechner in his manual Performance studies. An Introduction, especially his approaches to performance, ritual, play and performativity, moreover the concepts of play, non-theatre performance, basic research, attention and real experiment developed by Allan Kaprow in Essays on the blurring of art and life.

I have read the sections from the curriculum for Spanish secondary school physical education on play and body expression, to check how well performance research would fit into and complement the official syllabus.

Lastly, I have physically walked through the spaces in the Dolores Ibarruri Secondary School and discussed the proposal with the people involved: teachers of ‘Games’ and ‘Mobilisation and Galvanisation of Groups’ in the school.

  • writting, photo by José Otero
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  • reading, photo by José Otero