what is the meaning of "continuous access programme"?

When we say that access to eremuak is continuous it is because there is no deadline in which to present a proposal for participation in the programme. Participants can visit the www.eremuak.net to enrol and complete the documentation required. 

when are the proposal evaluated?

The committee will periodically evaluate the received proposals.

who can participate?

The programme is open to all artists with a contemporary art project, independently of type of ownership (physical, legal etc.) nationality, resident status, age or discipline.

is there an age limit?

The fact that eremuak is orientated towards making known and stimulating art scenes makes this qualifying category inoperative. There is no age limit in eremuak.

how are the artists selected?

The artists will be selected during the work sessions of a Committee made up of people from the world of art, art theory, curating and art production.

what are the selection criteria?

eremuak programme seeks to consolidate and activate creative art scenes. The selection criteria will depend on the relation established by the Committee between the projects entered and the objectives of the programme.

is it possible to request an interview with the committee to explain the project presented to eremuak?

In cases where the documentation submitted is not considered sufficient by the Committee, the Committee itself may request an interview with the artist in order to obtain the information needed to take its decisions. In cases where the interview is requested by the artist(s), it will only take place at the discretion of the Committee. The decision of the Committee will be final. 

does a cost estimate for the project have to be included?

In order to evaluate the work that is presented it is necessary for participants to give as much information as possible. Therefore, in addition to a report describing the general lines of development of the current work of the artist or artists, a cost estimate must be presented. If the work presented is a specific project, the estimate should be as detailed as possible. This does not mean that it is fixed and cannot be changed. If the Committee thinks fit, and in agreement with the artist(s), it may seek other information and obtain alternative estimates.  

do any disciplines take priority?

eremuak does not take into account previous classifications and so no restrictions or priorities are made among the various practices that constitute contemporary art. It is the responsibility of the Committee to make a selection that reflects the different forms of relations in contemporary art in our territory.

can an exhibition proposal be presented to eremuak?

eremuak is basically interested in the context and therefore there are no "restrictions" about exhibiting modes. The Committee selects proposals. It is the Committee, together with the authors, who decides the most efficient "public form" for the best development of the proposals.

will this way of participating in eremuak be the same in the future?

eremuak does not aspire to be a fixed structure with set plans for the future, it sees itself as a configuration conceived to carry out specific functions. This means that eremuak will adapt to the specific needs of its own functioning.

what is the maximum quantity payable for producing a proposal?

The quantity is variable, although it must remain within the established budget limits. Otherwise, there is no maximum quantity. The Committee selects appropriate proposals, not budgeting quantities. 

is there a limit to the number of proposals?

As in previous questions, the only limit is the overall budget. There is no upper or lower limit to the number of projects. The Committee selects contents not quantities.

what advantages are there in participating in eremuak?

To start with, the main aim of eremuak is to influence the contemporary art scene by making it more cohesive, visible and diffused throughout society. Therefore it is of interest to all the agents, actors and individuals whose daily activity creates this scene and who are immersed in this context. eremuak should be the tool that you have at hand to make the art institutions make changes and adapt to what is really happening.