foto del proyecto "translation" de ion munduate

Translation is the title of a research project I have been working on for the last two years, and focuses on the conflict of intentions within the framework of work performances of three artists. The aim of limiting the framework formed by these pieces and the action of revisiting these is to liberate new workspaces...

Goldberg Versions_Ion Munduate

Recently I've taken to writing 'scores' for the movements, actions and situations that I undertake. These notes, or scores, enable others to stage my suggested performances.

ion munduate

Donostia 1969. Artist trained in San Sebastian, Madrid and Paris. Together with Blanca Calvo, in 1994, he began an intense artistic collaboration from which several works of art emerged. At the same time, they conceived Mugatxoan in 1998, a training project dedicated to research and creation the practice of which Mugatxoan attributes to the relationships produced between the immaterial object and the spectator, locating the production of these devices in the realm of performance and its offshoots. Their performances and videos have been presented in many different European venues including: GoGo, Caja Roja y lucía con zeta (1998), Flyball, Boj de largo (2000), ASTRA TOUR (2003-2004), Extras de artificio (2005), BAT, Beautiful Animals Trying (2006), and Sin título, en colores (2010). He has given a large number of workshops and seminars and has acted as tutor for the works of several different young artists.

In 2015, they received the Gure Artea award from Mugatxoan in recognition of the activity carried out in the realm of visual arts.