bapore atelier

We present Bapore Atelier as a cultural service that mediates between the current artistic community and residents of Enkarterri.


We are presenting, as the first annual project of 2021, "De la línea al barro: exposición de cerámica" (From the Line to Clay: Pottery Exhibition"). It is a group of artistic installations and pedagogical events in which the creative process carried out by our four guest artists is made visible and delved deeper into. Those guest artists include: Fernando Renes, Victoria Maldonado, Raisa Álava, and Sonia Castán, who is representing Enkarterri.

irati inoriza

Balmaseda, 1992.

Founding member of Bapore Atelier along with Laura Peña, is a graduate with a MA in Research and Creation in Art by the EHU/UPV, and completed her studies at the Atelier de Performance by T. Ruller at the VUT University (CZE). This year 2020, she is part of the selection of Panorama #03 by the Fran Reus Gallery and BERRIEK 2020 (Bilbao), in addition to exhibiting at INJUVE 2019-2020 (Madrid). In 2019, her project BLUE: contact line: RED was exhibited at Montehermoso Cultural Center (Vitoria-Gasteiz) and WHAT A BLUE! At the ZSenne Art Lab (Brussels), in addition to participating in the HERE+NOW collective exhibition at the Pablo’s Birthday Gallery (NY) and being selected by the XV Plastic Arts Competition by the Provincial Government of Ourense. Winner of the Casal Solleric Artist Project Award 2017 with take your broken heart, make it into art her work WHAT A BLUE! Has been exhibited at A-DASH Space (Athens), Sintomáticas (L’Estruch, Barcelona), keep in touch (Laboratorio Lamosa, Cuenca), No hay voz (Fundación Bilbao Arte, Bilbao), WHITE FARM (Farm Cultural Park, Sicily) or the MALAMUT FESTIVAL (Ostrava, CZE) among others.