This proposal, which is to be developed during 2015 in a number of different locations, consists of a programme of talks, a number of sessions of the Analphabet Orquestra project and publication...

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This publication has arisen from the project Analphabet Orchestra, which uses musical practice...

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The orchestra, programme and now the publication (in a variety of its content and also externally) is based on what comes ‘before’ the establishment of a language, and on the fact that merely ident

larraitz torres zumelaga

Larraitz Torres is an artist. She works using materials from pop culture as a bridge to re-signify and enable other understandings. She began her career with the performance Plastificción (produced by Mugatxoan, 2003). Since then she has worked on Permanent Vacation Versión (Artium), Inicio-Nowness (La Casa Encendida), The landscape The song The make up (Marfa, EEUU), Sec.Int.Night (DAI/Casco, NL) and with Sandra Cuesta in the group Colombina's