photo of the Horman Poster project, The Words That Make Us

Horman Poster is a collaboration between Matxalen de Pedro and Igor de Quadra arising from an interest in investigating and building a poetic language. The project draws on a choreographic perspective of the present scene and forms a dialogue with the story and the context of our own biographies. Our interest in both art and politics has led us to develop projects around the architectural and social environment (site/context specific) which enquire into our biographical and historical identity (documentary plays), as well as art and community projects within the education system.

las palabras que nos construyen / the words that make us

Eraikitzen gaituzten hitzak / The Words That Make Us is a mediation project combining performing arts and community social intervention, geared towards investigating and developing artistic teaching tools which use performance to address the relationship between words and body and the construction of identity.

The project has three phases: group workshops (phase 1) for collectively investigating content; dramaturgical/theatrical creation (phase 2) for preparing and discussing the content explored; and group return (phase 3) for bringing the results of the workshops and dramatic creation into the education communities where they were developed.

The project is run with the participation of adolescents and young people from three schools in Bilbao (IES Bertendona, IES Botikazar, IES Ibarrekolanda) and in close collaboration with Angel Almaraz from the Gaurkotuz association.