bapore atelier

We present Bapore Atelier as a cultural service that mediates between the current artistic community and residents of Enkarterri.


We are presenting, as the first annual project of 2021, "De la línea al barro: exposición de cerámica" (From the Line to Clay: Pottery Exhibition"). It is a group of artistic installations and pedagogical events in which the creative process carried out by our four guest artists is made visible and delved deeper into. Those guest artists include: Fernando Renes, Victoria Maldonado, Raisa Álava, and Sonia Castán, who is representing Enkarterri.

laura peña canive

Balmaseda, 1990.

Founding member of Bapore Atelier along with Irati Inoriza she holds a BA in Audiovisual Communication by the Mondragon University with an MA in Photography and Design by the Elisava School of Design and Engineering and in Visual Culture and Education by the University of Barcelona, both in Barcelona.  With a multi-faceted career during recent years, she has carried out works that range from artistic-educational research (article published at the scientific committee of the I International Seminar on Art and Visual Culture by the University of Montevideo), to graphic design and communication (nana.shibui, Tabakalera) and has carried out a number of educational projects on art and creativity with a psycho-sociological approach (different institutions such as town councils or schools in the Basque Country). In addition, she has carried out artistic mediations with Experimentem amb l`Art y la Escola Dovella in collaboration with the Fundació Antoni Tàpies in Barcelona.  Laura understands artistic media as tools for thought, which has led her to create a hybridisation of experiences that link art and humanities in order to unleash creative and personal development, social inclusion, culture and critical thought.