foto de plato de pasta ofrecido en los encuentros

L’occasione started out as a series of regular public meetings held between 2011 and 2015 in Susana Talayero's home studio in Bilbao’s Old Quarter. This collaborative project was completely self-managed by Susana, Jesús Arpal Moya and Aimar Arriola. Following a short break L’occasione is back, this time in collaboration with Amparo Badiola.



L’occasione is the response to a desire to provide the local community with a space for sharing and presenting projects and artistic experiences which draw on different themes and formats.

The experimental nature of L’occasione reclaims the domestic environment as a space for action and meeting geared towards artistic practice. It will get under way in July 2017 and will run for one year.  In addition to the artists invited to take part, during the same year L’occasione will organise other occasional (and more unpredictable) events under the name L’occasione con i baffi.

The meetings will take place in one of the two available houses in Bilbao’s Old Quarter, once again subverting the domestic / domesticated and public / private dichotomies, and in the spirit of its welcoming nature the participants will be able to enjoy a bowl of pasta, just like the previous event.