Ixone Sádabaren argazkia MovingArtists proiekturako

Bilbao, 1977. Ixone earned a degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad del País Vasco in 2000 and later completed her Master in Art Direction from the Universidad Antonio Nebrija in Madrid (2001) and Postgraduate Programme at New York's International Center of Photography (2005)...



The Movingartists exchange project is born from the firm intention to facilitate cultural mobility through artist exchanges between countries that do not share a fluid mobility or migration of people. The goal of these residences is artistic production of a piece, as well as coexistence and interaction in the context of welcoming.

Taking into account how armed conflicts, political crisis, and government lead to closed borders and cultural discrimination, the work of this association is to facilitate the mobility of artists, art professionals, and cultural professionals. It involves artistic and academic exchanges between countries, focused especially on socio-political situations that have caused a certain socio-cultural isolation and/or the manifestly restricted mobility of people.

Created with the goal of lasting over time, this exchange plan is divided into various phases that make it scalable without a full commitment. We understand this first phase to be a pilot, with artists travelling between Spain (the Basque Country) and Iraqi Kurdistan: in 2017, two Iraqi artists will come to Bilbao for 45 days.

More info: movingartists.org