ortzi da zerua

A radio drama with a single character, not written in terms of by whom, but rather to whom, that is to say, to Inés.

olatz otalora

Algorta, 1990. Olatz Otalora studied Fine Arts at the UPV/EHU, University of Barcelona, and Kalostra (Donostia-San Sebastian). In 2015, she received a production grant from the Basque Government. She earned residencies in Constant (Brussels) and the BilbaoArte Foundation (2016). Recently she has participated in the Tabakalera-backed Alam Al-Mithal project in Casablanca (Morocco) and, in 2016, she created the Erromantiko exhibition in Alegría-Dulantzi's Sala Micaela Portilla, which fell within the framework of the Eremuak’s Harriak programme. Since 2013, she has worked as a gallery assistant and artist assistant, and has published texts on different platforms dedicated to art and education projects.