Rakel Winchester

Julen Garcia Muela (Beasain, 1993) is an artist and develops his practice mainly in the image. He has participated in various group exhibitions: Reencuentros, Mercado de Abastos (Logroño, 2020), Bi Dos Two, Azkuna Zentroa (Bilbao, 2018); Él Él Él, the Harriak programme, Arenatzarte (Gueñes, 2017); T-festa, IED (Madrid, 2017) / Tabakalera (Donostia, 2016) / Azkuna Zentroa (Bilbao, 2014); Getxoarte (Las Arenas, 2016 and 2014) or in the Programme of New Artists of Gipuzkoa, KMK (Donostia, 2016) And individually: Cierto tipo de intensidad o locución - A certain type of intensity or locution -, Jugo (Córdoba, 2019); A body is never just a body, Colegio de Abogados (Córdoba, 2018). He co-directed the art festival Jazpanart during its three editions (Beasain, 2011-2014).

rakel winchester

Rakel Winchester is a singer from Cordoba who in 2000 had her one-hit wonder with the song El marío de la carnisera. If what we call success or failure depends on many factors, in her case it has a lot to do with staying true to her style. Although that idea may be recurrent in biographies, especially in music, I can't help but see something personal in her, beyond biographies, and that connects me with what I understand as art. If art has to do with life, in Rakel it is innate: lyrics that talk about life, life that depends on life, making decisions, staying in a position. A position that over time leaves traces, aesthetic flashes that sustain a body. 

Although I'm still not sure what led me to propose this project, there is surely a sort of distorted mirror involved. Projections to deal with in the you to you, between modesty. In the summer.