El arte de vivir la esencia ruralarticle published in Deia on 25-03-2019

The Mutur Beltz project initiative came into being in 2015 as a small, lifelong project of Joseba Edesa and Laurita Siles. Over recent years it has evolved to become an agroecology, art, and culture association which promotes the Carranzana sheep—a breed currently threatened with extinction, much like shepherding life itself. This local initiative in Biscay's Karrantza Valley uses agroecology, artistic practice, and design to tackle the loss of this knowledge. Since its beginnings, Mutur Beltz has developed a large number of activities in spaces relating to the world of art, as well as livestock, artisan craftsmanship, and tourism. Within all of these activities, abundant human interrelationships were produced, observing how the confluence between art and the rural environment opens up the spaces for action and reflection necessary for the rural revolution that this world needs.


third good living artistic residency -karrantza 2019-

Good living artistic residency decision

The Mutur Beltz Association presents the Third Good Living Artistic Residency in Karrantza 2019, which will take place from 23 April to 5 May. This enables the continuation of the work previously carried out, with the aim of expanding the space for reflection, debate and dissemination regarding the state of the world of sheep and shepherds in Karrantza from the perspective of art; offering opportunities, places and times, for the shepherds and shepherdesses to live with the artists. You can see a sample of these experiences in the last edition’s catalogue (link pdf). 

In this, the third year, the organisation, in its desire to promote culture and encourage artistic production in the Valley, presents the call for applications for a grant aimed at projects at local and international level which support the rural community of the Karrantza Valley through artistic practice. These projects can be framed within any artistic discipline – plastic and fine arts, visual arts, dance, literature, music, “bertsolarismo” or traditional Basque improvised singing, etc. – and can be either individual or group projects. The period for presenting the project will be from the date of publication until 31 March 2019, both dates included. Projects can be sent by email to: karrantzakomuturbeltz@gmail.com

The Mutur Beltz Association is committed to supporting these types of circuit as strategic spaces for action, raising awareness both in a public ignorant of the problems of the rural world and in a rural environment that is remote from current cultural production, and allowing us to reflect on the role of art in the light of paradigm changes involving the dichotomy between art and craftsmanship, cult and mainstream popularity, rural and urban contexts, etc., based on research, musings and innovation arising out of reflection and creative experimentation.